Fortunes Misdraw

Fortunes Misdraw

A new face.

Carna is headed to the village of Aricbar, he is traveling through a carriage ride there along with Deron. Carna is meditating on the way there, he takes in the world as it flows around him. The essence of forestry, magic, and adventure flow around him as he becomes intertwined with his thoughts. Deron is impatient, ready to go. It was a brisk, quite morning. The sun-kissed clouds parted to allow the sun to burn the ground with a golden glow. Morning dew builds on the grass and water drips from trees in an earlier rainfall. While moving, the carriage driver hums a humble song to himself, a low, sweet melody, commonly known by most. It is quite…

Alekandrr follows the carriage, far behind. He try’s his best to keep up as he rushes through the plains and forests, hoping not to lose his new-found friends. Finally; after a few hours, he tires. Not before he sees smoke ahead, does he continue to run. Heading toward the smoke, he notices a large fire, devoting the cart in a ember blaze. He notices a purple-like ovaled gateway, floating mid-air. A dark ring surrounds the shades of violet, as low weeps emanate from the portal. He rushes to find his friends, and today’s story; begins.



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