Fortunes Misdraw

The beginning

Their arrival

Alekandr is seen drunk, wrestling in a bar for money with another band of barbarians. They live in a small village, one that’s known for its games and enjoyment and not so much for its wars. In this village many of the barbarians tend to wrestle, fight, and more for coin, fun, or to settle a grudge. Alekandr is known as one of the strongest barbarians here, but not in comparison to Erikbor does he stand a chance. With this he is half-drunk getting what little coin he can. Alekandr owns a small house in the village, near the chieftain’s capitol alabor. It is a small house, falling apart piece by piece. Enough for himself and not much else. Alekandr heard talk of work with good pay in the city “Jarrosvile”, so with nothing else to do as he is bored, he sets of in search of new riches.
Carna Jostun is a skilled elf, adept in the art of hunting. He is his own village’s protector and provider. He provides food for his family and protection to his village, he is skilled with a bow, far beyond anyone else in the village. He was recently invited to a city known as Jarrosvile by a courier claiming that a noble has heard of his skill and would like to in list him as a personal protector. With this Carna is on his way there.

The three adventurers all make it along Jarrosvile late at night, with a grumbling stomach, dry throat, and sleepless eyes, they all feel as though they should turn in for the night at a local inn.
They are all in the town. The wizard heads to the inn along with the rest of them and they all eat and sleep. With a quick play through O heads to the nobles house and accepts his work, with this M gets work from the noble to in order to get access to the town hall. L heads to a goblin camp and kills a goblin while Double R’s head to fight two Kuo-Toa’s. Osiris is dead. Since a new day has arrived a new story has as well. With this both Alek and Carna are seen in the village of Aricbar. It is a small villages, out in the open with houses with cobblestone foundation, with this it is topped with straw leading down. Most of these houses have small farms in their “gardens” next to them, many growing cabbage and wheat. They both arrive there at separate times, Alek before night while Carna arrives near dawn. Alek sells his scimitar and his shortbow to the local merchants for 20gp total.
Carna is on his way via a carriage to the new village of Aricbar

This was a while ago. It will get more detailed as we progress



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